Gaining karma bug? or game breaking feature?


    Hi there,

    I was playing alot yesterday to test things out and a few things that I didnt like about the PvP system but not being much of a PvP player to start with as I prefer this games PvE as I like how that looks. The PvP wont stop me from playing the game but it will sure do for quiet a few if the issue of what I consider Karma bug isnt adressed.

    So to the issue I have with this :

    You are gaining negative karma when someone attacks you and you defend yourself if you kill him after knockdown. That means you are penalized for actually defending yourself or your friends by sending the Evil attacker back to town in his underwear. Why? Will this be bad well here are a few pointers when you look at the big picture of what is planned with the PvP system as I see it :

    1. Casual and small group of friends will have a very hard time gaining gold as you are not allowed to defend your grinding spot but have to move away to avoid bad karma.

    2. Evil players can force good players into bad karma and set them up for a "bounty hunter" to jail him and gain gold for his/her release

    3. To bail someone out you need gold you cant get cause if big clans (and they will) abuse this only they can progress

    4. Gold is needed for cities and with a force away system were you cant as a player or group defend yourself without getting bad karma and set yourself up for jailing will also affect the upkeep and progress of the world.

    These might just be an old mans opinions and I might be totaly wrong but Killing in defence of you and your friends should not give you bad karma as killing a bully is a good deed not a bad one.

    Thanks for your time and thanks before hand for the input on this that will follow.

    @Prometheus if you want more detailed info I can send you screenhoots and there is also video and twitch vods on this so we can explain it and discuss it better if needed. And last but not least keep up the good work game looking great, loving the new graphics!




    We are suppose to "Gain" karma for hurting Evil players and "Lose" karma for hurting Good players. So anything other than that is a bug.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @MrBd, it was a bug indeed, you're only meant to lose Karma if you execute a Good player who has no militia or is in your same militia. It's been fixed, thank you!


    @MrBd well done! You found a bug, reported it, and it got fixed. That's EXACTLY how it's supposed to work. HUZZAH 🍻 👏 👏 👏

    With all the crazy 💩 going on in the world, I just wanted to say that about SOMETHING.

    Happy New Year! Hope to run into you again in-game 🖖

  • I think I encountered something like this as well when I was messing around the other day, but wasn't sure if executing anyone in general was supposed to generate negative karma, or just good players. Nice catch!

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