Garbage game for Garbage humans.

  • Pretty much the title. The game is garbage. You lose everything when you die. When will dev's learn that this sort of game play just isn't fun for the "sheep" crafters. You have legends of aria version 2 right here guys. It'll never make it out of beta with enough populace to survive.

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    @Mindframe Right now only one of the PvP planets is available, however the plan is for Fractured to have 3 planets with 3 different rulesets, one of them being a PvE planet for those who want to avoid PvP. They're also equal, so you don't have to go to the hardcore PvP planet for the best resources. 😉 The devs know that not everyone wants to PvP.

  • Wait - so how are they seperate but equal? Can items move between planets?

  • This is from the main website. "Each planet is rich in some commodities and entirely lacks others." So right off the bat, I can't believe what you wrote that each planet has the best resources. It doesn't make sense to me. I've played loads of MMO's as well including Legends of Aria and Albion.

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    @Mindframe It's due to the horizontal progression. Every planet has different resources with different strengths and weaknesses. It's akin to Guild Wars, different stats but no straight upgrades besides basic gear and crafted gear. In most PvP games the best gear is often found in the areas with the most hardcore PvP ruleset, but in Fractured it's possible to craft the best gear on all 3 planets, including the PvE planet without ever having to visit a PvP planet. Of course it's possible the best gear for your build is only made with resources from a different planet, but luckily it'll be possible to trade between planets. 😉 So yeah, in a sense it's seperate but equal.

    Btw, the PvE planet will also have extra PvE content to make up for the lack of PvP content there, so there should be no shortage of content for the PvE player.

  • @Specter Well damn Specter. You've given me pause. I'll likely have to revisit this game during PVE tests.


    @Mindframe - you might be like me, a person who prefers PvE and will be a happy resident of Arboreus-to-come.

    But you are NOT like me, because I wouldn't wander into an open playtest of a specific feature that I don't personally like and write a bunch of totally unconstructive posts trashing what I got for free.

    I do feel for the folks who wander in during this particular test and think it's a representative sample of the game. I don't feel one bit sorry for the ones who decide to trash it on the basis of such an uninformed experience.

    Consider deleting the posts you should have known better than to make, and learning more about what this game actually is from the folks who have been here a while.


    Excuse you, I am NOT a garbage human (nor are any of us that love Fractured) and this is not a garbage game. Talk about being rude. If you have a problem with the game fine but you don’t have to run down the people that play it.

    I don’t know what a "sheep" crafter is or anything about legends of aria but I do know that Fractured offers something for everyone. Yes, the game is still in Alpha testing (hello, ALPHA testing) and not everything is available during every test but the endgame will be a well-balanced game that any play style should love to play.

    So please, check the nasty at the door because it isn’t welcome here.

  • @PeachMcD Thanks for proving my point about the community. I read about the game on and they played it up like it was an environment for PVE players equally as much as PVP players. I've seen these types of games before bro and the sheep always get shit on and leave the game. I was just trying to warn the masses like me.

    Now - Specter might have salvaged me as a future player to try the PVE game. BUT - Your response is likely to push more away that read this post.They, like me, will see your hateful words and just not feel like dealing with the community.

    Since you want to tell me when to post, I get to tell you. Consider not responding next time on a post unless you have something constructive to say.

  • @StormBug Look Stormbug - I got nasty from the community as soon as I logged into the game. I continue to get nasty from the community on here except from moderators. So, don't pretend that the type of player these types of games attract are "non-nasty". I hope they shape the game into something that sheep crafters can have fun with b/c if they don't, it will fail. I've seen it TIME AND TIME again.

  • By the way - I'm out, won't be monitoring this post anymore or responding. I MIGHT check this game out again if I hear about an open PVE test but from what I've seen I just can't put money on it in hopes that they MIGHT implement something fun for the vast majority of players that would want to play and not get zerg-fested every night.


    This test was the worst thing they could do in the state the game has now. We are years away of something payable with less bugs and sense, it felt like an technical test of a server (which started to lagg in town with many player)
    The ui is horrible (you can't keybind, see party member on map, invite them via name, no friendlist, not intuitive etc.) nothing special in this "game" yet what you can't do in nearly every other game. A very small skill tree (which has many not implemented skills), nothing special with crafting and spells you had in games from 2010.

    The graphic was okay for me, map size is very nice, especially when the will be three planets, but I think the map will feel dead cause of lack of players after release. The community is very small compared to other games coming out soon...

    Over all you sell a much to expensive buy in option for very short alpha tests.

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