(Canceled) Tournament at Coal City on Saturday 8pm EST! Prizes included!


    The First Ever Coal City Clash is here!
    The location is in Dunne arena, Coal City.
    The time will be Saturday at 6PM EST
    Voice comms is Required (No mic needed)
    Sign-up: https://forms.gle/ELfkchkRW5gqWQ5k6
    Voice Comms:https://discord.gg/QE625sP2pb

    The tournament will be 1v1. There will be 2 main brackets.

    1. Normal Bracket. Best of 1 until semi finals, then it will be 2 of 3 with resting breaks.
    2. Losers Bracket. Best of 1. Winner of that goes to the semi finals.


    1. Grand Prize: 82 Coal, 2000 gold, 8 Alloys, and a mystery prize to be revealed at the beginning of the tournament!
    2. Second Prize: 56 Coal, 1000 gold, 4 alloys,
    3. Third Prize: 28 Coal, 2 alloys
    4. Raffle Prize: 30 Coal

    Who Can Enter:

    1. All cities are welcome to attend. If a Coal City member wins, then he is named the winner but the prizes go to the next place. All coal prizes will be delivered to the city of your choice.


    1. We will be using a fresh discord channel for voice. If you haven’t joined it by the time the tournament starts you will not be able to hear announcements. Fighters will be moved to another channel for the duration of their fight.
    2. The fight starts when the both sides are ready, 10 seconds have passed, and the announcer teleports. All of these conditions must be met.
    3. A round is 3 minutes. If they go over that the fight is stopped and the audience will vote who wins.
    4. Bandages are not allowed.
    5. .Anyone disrupting the tournament will be KOS.
    6. No Execute upon death (no full loot dead bodies - otherwise KoS)
    7. Any gear set allowed, any enchants allowed, Weapon switching allowed
    8. If you exit the arena (surrounded by fences) you get disqualified
    9. A no show will result in your opponent winning the round by default.
    10. People will be warned ONCE if they violate the rules and the round will restart with a 5 second handicap for the offender, and then booted if it happens again.


    1. We will gather at the Coal City Tavern, Coast of the Southgard Mountains. Check our location on the world map on the official Website!
    2. We have a plot right next to our tavern <1 minute away so no running back and forth involved!
    3. The official Tournament Grounds is the Dunne Arena, a 4x4 square.


    1. 18:00 UTC on Saturday 11/28. Sign ups will close 15 mins before the tournament starts. You must arrive at the tavern by the tournament time or risk being disqualified.

  • Great news, looking forward to it. Hope there will be melees using Resolve and some dexterity dependant classes (rogues / archers).

    And one question: is the Enrage ability allowed (not banned in rulebook)? Because once the mage uses his Relocate and enemy uses Enrage (CC immunity), the mage is just three hits from death ... unless he goes invisible, has like 1000 evasion and is lucky or uses Disrupting strike. Wish there was stoneskin ability.


    Sadly I think banning abilities would hurt the integrity of the tournament. Even if its a broken ability in duels, we are kinda testing the balance in this tournament.


    Finally we are moving the time to 8pm EST to encourage more applications.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @asspirin said in Tournament at Coal City on Saturday 8pm EST! Prizes included!:

    Wish there was stoneskin ability

    There's no stoneskin but there's mage armor that provides decent armor 🙂

  • @Prometheus Well Mage armour looks like nice way (as long as it stacks with bonuses from STR and talents) to make mages little more durable, yet In most games there are three archetypes - warriors whos defense consists of high mitigation, high healthpools and blocks for resistance/immunity to attack (get hit but take it as a man), then rogues who rely on their speed to completely or partially dodge damage (dont get hit) and finally mages who rely on magical absorbs or other means of aggro management - pets/summons (get hit but let something else take the damage). Adding more procentual reduction (get hit but take it as a man) seems like warrior way of defense.

    For example Diablo II:
    STR Barb + Paladin = huge healthpools and armour + block (Barb´s passives and Paladin´s holy shield)
    DEX Amazon + Assassin = means to completelly nullify incoming damage (Ama´s dodges and evasions, Assns´ claw block blocking even spells)
    INT Druid + Necromancer + Sorceress (Dudu´s Cyclone armour + pets, Necromancer´s Bone armour + pets and Soso´s Energy shield and magical armours).

    So far ingame we have Absorb = absorb of magical damage---> basically Dudu´s Cyclone armour. Yet if a mage doesn´t want to get KO´d by random glasscannon ganker from invis with huge 2h axe using critting Heavy blow (and crit will happen thanks to T6 Talent from perception), having buckler is only way to go.

    Can mages expect some kind of physical protection( for example anything from ADaD like Stoneskin which would absorb few attack depending on INT for example) or "Shieldblock-like ability" for spell casters or some kind of "Mana shield" which would use mana as health pool reducing mana instead of health?

    Thank you.


    Sadly only 4 people has signed up, so I am canceling the tournament due to lack of participation

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