Gold Sink and Inflation

  • From the information that I have been told by other testers, there seems to be a limited amount of gold sinks in game. What I mean by a gold sink is a system that takes currency and flushes it down the proverbial "drain". In essence it takes that money completely out of circulation.

    To my knowledge there is only 1 such system that does this and that is taxes. Apparently the harbors only transfer the paid money from use to the governor's pockets. Which makes it a capital gain and not a gold sink. Maybe change this to a gold sink as well to help.

    I would love this game to have many more gold sinks in other forms than taxes. This will help stabilize the economy and keep the value of goods and commodities at a reasonable value. Otherwise I fear there will be millions of gold in circulation within a few months of the games launch.

    Possible options could be rare highly costly housing upgrades like furniture, rare house deeds, statues, armor/weapon skins, mount skins etc.

    I am sure many other ideas could be made that I am not thinking of.

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    @Kraxis you are wrong, there are already more "gold sinks".
    Maybe you didn't notice, because you didn't care about Upkeep of Towns.
    But that takes each day a very good amount of Gold.
    Also to buy your Plot takes money.

    Yes, we don't have that much gold sinks right now, but we will get more.
    You will need to repair your houses regulary, otherwise they will decay.
    We also don't know how much Gold we will need to open portals or hiring NPC guards and trader (if they will be in game).

    I am not sure, if the Alpha is a right place to care about "not enough gold sinks".

  • @Kralith Educate me then. How much is the upkeep for your town and how often? Also, as for housing a one time 1,000 gold fee is not a substantial enough gold sink to slow down inflation.

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    Rank 9 town is 600 gold per day.

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    @Kraxis Thats the actual list about all costs at the ranks that are available. And you rank each day, means you have to pay each day the costs, depending on which rank your town are.
    (Short side node, there is an error in the list, because the Upkeep for rank 1 and 2 are the same, so each rank has in real the value to pay thats shown for the next rank)

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