Shouldn´t added damage to attacks be dps instead of dmg?

  • I mean shouldn´t abilities that add direct damage to attacks like Totem of Wildfire or Strike Wounds add "damage per second" modifier instead of "add damage"? Weapons do follow this, they have same dps with different speed. If such abilities are just added damage then faster attacking weapons will benefit from it way more than heavier ones thus limiting its usefullnes only to light weapons. Imo Rockbitter weapon in vanilla WoW did this well - if you used heavy superslow 2h maul dmg numbers were pretty huge.

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    @asspirin That's the point of light weapons. they have much lower damage then heavy weapons.
    [[Concussive strike]] is a skill that take the weapon damage into account and scales off it.
    While [[Strike wounds]] or [[shadow dance]] add damage to quick attacks that are already very low in damage.

  • @maze It sure does make sense, but quite limits the usage of those abilities. However as bigger weapons have attacks that better use their big damage numbers (Concussive strikes), so do light weapons (many attacks have tag "only usable with light weapons"...still Assassination and Warfare schools would use some kind of "charging attack" that would increase in potency with amount of landed strikes - aka attack best used with superfast weapons).
    But original thought was about autoattacks not benefiting from added damage.

    ...unless that "bonus added damage" is treated as "basic weapons damage" and is multiplied in crits and added damage in abilities (as in Heavy blow). Then it would make sense.


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