[UI] "Unsaved Changes" appears without reason and can't get closed

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    Yesterday i got this window about unsaved changes at talent presets, when i was opening the packing station, but i could close it with the X. It appeared each time when i was opening a window (Packaging station menu) till i clicked on SAVE.

    There was no talent preset i changed lately, i think last time was 3 days ago.

    Today, when i was laying down at the Fireplace, it appeared again, but i could not X it nor SAVE it, it just stayed.
    I also can't Press ESC for the Menu to Exit.
    I can click all stuff, run around, rest again and windows opening, but this "Unsaved Changes" window is always on foreground, but it seems to be like a ghost, since i can click through.

    I can use the right lower corner menu to get the ESC menu.
    Just relog helped to remove the window.



    That's so weird. I haven't had that happen at all, and I've done a lot of editing in my talent trees, just for the f of it.

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