Some little RP-Features


    Hello fellow adventurers,

    I would be happy if there could be implemented some little RolePlay features to attract more players:

    • Ceckbox to hide the helmet
    • Option to sit down at the campfire
    • First emotes like /greet
    • Toggle combat mode off
    • Local Chat shown over the characters

    I think the first three options could be implemented with little effort.

    Best regards and stay healthy!

  • Wiki Editor

    I am very up for your suggestions and i would add more 😉

    • Ceckbox to hide the helmet

    Well helmets you can unequip, so not really a big need for RP.
    But hiding Nameplates would be very useful.

    • Option to sit down at the campfire

    In one of the first gameplay videos i saw a character sitting in front of the Taverns Fireplace.
    So i am expecting much such animations to use.
    I would like to have Slow Walk, Sitting on Ground, Sitting on Chairs/Tables, Laying down on ground independent of (camp)fireplaces, Laying into beds... to be continued. 😉

    • First emotes like /greet

    Emotes would be fine: Waving, Pointing, Ranting... etc.

    • Toggle combat mode off

    With that i have mixed feelings in full PVP games.
    But i would be up for PVP free zones in Towns. Per example the tavern should be a PVP free zone.

    • Local Chat shown over the characters

    Oh yeah, the Chat.
    Thats an entire own topic.
    I wish we would get configurable chat tabs.
    And i even would be up for Chatbubbles over heads for local chat.
    Local yelling Chat, with same radius as we have now and a local normal speaking chat, that has just a radius to cover a house. Whisper not to forget.

    More points to add for RP:

    • Usable Taverns for Roleplay driven Taverns
      • with Shelfs that shows the filled food/drinks
      • with visible plates & glasses on Tables, after your delivered the ordered food to them
      • with a "music box", where you can choose a special music theme for the tavern
    • Decorative stuff for Houses: Trophys on Walls and Ground
    • Decorative stuff for outside: Streetlamps, Stoneformations, plantable Bushes&Flowers...
    • Bards
    • Dances
    • ...

    Most stuff we should not expect before Beta for sure.
    But in several screenshots by Devs is to see, that some of that stuff is already planned, like the Trophy Decorations.
    But it would make the whole gaming experience more deep, if we would get such atmospheric features.

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