Well, we gotta be more clear what direction we r going? UO or Albion. If Albion then i have no questions but if more to Ultima then mounts should not disapear after u dismount them. in fact they should not ever disapear. Like in ultima they should stay in the world, and abey owners commands like follow, stay, attack, protect, dismiss, runaway, and so on. If rider get attacked then horse drop rider off its back and run away like 100 meters and relax for a while, untill player fix his problems with attackers. if not then rider just rund around horse untill it calmed down and jump on it again. Mobs do not attack horse unles horse was told to attack itself. Or they can attck horse but in this case horse should be able to run away from attackers. Same works for enemy players. Owner can see his horse of map/minimap like his house.

    If you wanna keep them, you could put them in stables and pay stable keeper some fee. Idealy, mounts, as yourself should eat and should rest. And idealy it should not take like seconds to rest so that you dont use one horse all the time say for travel between cities. Use three horses instead. While two in rest the other in work. This way you would have to have at least one horse per city so that they can be switched while current one go to rest. Yes it can be expensive but if you wanna fast travel its better to be a privelage. If you are merchant they transportation is one of the nessesery expenses.

    While you using it, stats of a mount should grow. More speed, more distance, more HP and so on. It should be growing easily and fast cos horses can die with this machanic, so they dont live long unless its some powerful mount like nightmare of some kind. It can be ressurected, but this idea is optional.

    in my oppinion its better cos like a 10 horses in your backpack??? Oh, come on ))) this not much fun compare for what im suggesting.


    @boogis it’s honestly fine the way it is. There is no reason to make stuff more complicated than what’s required. I’m all for a stables for extra storage, but more requirements, fees, more crud to go maintain... naw

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