Foreign town packing station accessible -> pick up heavy material animation

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    I can maybe use a packing station of a foreign town.
    Also i can see it's inventory.
    I did not test, if i can produce on it and it will go to its Storage, because did not had enough meat with me. (will test later if not someone else did.
    But thats maybe intented.

    When i click on a sack, i get the Carrying-Heavy-Material-Animation.

    Small Update:

    • I can craft sacks on a foreign towns packing station.
    • The Sacks goes to the inventory of the station as expected.
    • The Sacks are not lootable by me, since i am not citizen of that town.
    • But at click on the Sack i get the carry animation at mentioned before.

    But hey, at least i can easy help to upkeep Summit this way 😉


    Just want to give @Kralith mad props for doing this work while we're all f'ing around having fun in there. 👍 👏 👍 👏 👑

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    Small update. I am able to craft at foreign towns packing station.

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