Focus ability exclusions and wording (feedback/wording UI bug)


    When you run the focus ability Protection from Poison and try to turn on Protection from Fire also, it turns off the Protection from Poison focus ability and visa versa.
    I might recommend running a message above your character that states when you activate 1 or the other that your other protection is removed or some message that indicates that you can't have both running at the same time.

    Otherwise a message in the text description of each ability that you can't have both running simultaneously.

    Might also recommend a revamp of the text of each ability now that the immunity has been reduced to, in may case 72% I know the 1000 protection was revamped as part of test 3 to prevent immunity so it's more of a wording for future testers. (I figure this is a low priority on the change list)


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    @th3mistocles Something I noticed as well is those (%) numbers next to the values are wrong according to the game mechanics formulas. While the numbers range from +/- 1000, the percentages are supposed to range +/- 80% but the sheet only shows 74% at 1000 resistance. Not sure if it's a visual bug or a calculation one (or the formula changed since the test started).

    Fire/Ice/Shock at 92 value should be 26.90%
    Poison should be 80%
    Magic at 272 should be 52.11%
    Acid at 24 should be 8.76%
    Armor at 204 should be 44.93%

    These conversions all follow the same formula of:

    % = (0.004 * VALUE) / (1 + |0.004 * VALUE|)

    I had posted about some stats not matching calculations in another thread, but have yet to hear back on why it's the case.


    I had honestly not paid too close attention to those stats yet so that's a good call. I remembered they now have a max of 80% but thought the 72% might be because of my character's strength being below 10...

    When it comes to the stats like that I typically give difference to the devs and in the case of Alpha here I expect changes are made from patch to patch that might change little things they don't have the time to inform us about in detail.

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