Easy to trick caster enemies // totem seems indestructible

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    1. When the landscape is uneven, you can trick caster mobs (like the fire goblin) to shoot into the slightly elevated terrain while you can stand on the other side just attacking it.

    2. When I cast the fire totem it acts like a Tank for all other mobs in the game and they seem unable to destroy it while I can just nuke them from safety.


    I also noticed that you can inadvertently click on your own totem and shoot magic missiles at it which tends to weaken it. Once that happens the enemy seems to be able to attack it and finish it off.


    I've noticed that as well...
    Totems act as a tank until you hit them (or party member, or rando) and then they become wet toilet paper. REALLY annoying to use with the "Projectiles from Staffs and Wands ricochet once."

    Would really like Totems to become untargetable/undamageable by players; using my Bow when someone is playing with them, it feels like my bow auto gravitates to shooting their totems 😕

  • Or either make their life depend on caster in some way or make them healable (don´t know if they´re healable already). Btw are there planned more totems (rest of elements and some "healing" totem or "aggroing one", maybe stunning one)?

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