Many bugs, day two.


    1.- Problem corner in the house. The first problem There is no interaction with objects.

    2.- Problem corner in the house. The second problem is Loss of control over the avatar.

    3.- Strange slow motion around the corner of the door.

    4.- Shadow problems. Is the character walking through the air?

    5.- The animation of the carriage is incorrect. Cargo is not displayed.

    6.- The character does not place materials during construction.

    7.- Material is often impossible to take. It is necessary to hit him with the character, so that there would be an opportunity to interact.

    8.- Cannot pick up a stone block. It is necessary to change the position.

    9.- The character does not go to the columns located next to the door.

    10.- Overload occurs before reaching the weight limit.

    11.- Problems with displaying the interface over construction objects.



    I took a screen shot over the weight thing happening right before getting ready for work. Ill attach when i get back to my pc.

    Your YouTube link is unwatchable as is btw. Video is set to private.


    could not watch youtube vids. they are private

    ///// big large black image thing removed. //// problem is fixed 🙂 i can watch the errors! awesome work to show them like that! (imho)


    @AlejoTheBear @Dordolio Thanks, I corrected the permissions.

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