Possible memory leak at character screen (and info container has wrong date for test)

  • Just got the minipatch/update and logged in, attempted to bring a character in to test.

    Received a SpatialOS error that made it sound like I didn't get logged in, and the exit process to the error was less than graceful (i.e., "...did not log out fully... may need to wait before trying to log back in...").

    System began really grinding to a halt, so I gave it the three-finger salute (as ya do) and was greeted by this lovely task manager window -

    Memory Sitting At Character Screen.png

    Not sure if there are particular logs I should look for to help chase it down or not, but, if so, just let me know.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Not a bug, it's just the client pre-loading way too many resources. Will be fixed after this test 🙂

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