Demon - Angel guild/group?

  • The other thread died, maybe i'm asking for this a little too early anyway but i'd be keen on joining guilds or group of people planning to go that route.

    Doesn't necessarily have to be a guild though, just a tiny little community of Angels to be lol


    @Zori I think its a bit early for that just yet, as we don't even know just how hard it will actually be in order to obtain those enhancements, and the far stretching ramifications other than being exiled from your home planet. I would see a guild possibly forming for one of those though, after people have started turning into them, however that group will more than always be a very very very small group.

  • @Ostaff yeah figures.
    Still quite hyped about it though, shame there isn't much info about it yet.

  • @Zori I think it is a little early but I actually made a guild in the foundation for Angels, if you like to join it and we'll soon reign the worlds of Fractured ^^


    My plan is also to join the ranks of fellow angels. I suppose considering what the requirements would be, even a demon "Ascension" guild could be created to allow aspirators for redemption and haloification to join together and help each other out on the way to regain their former glory.

  • @Speidey
    Thanks for the invi, will definitely look into it!

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