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    A crucial part of the success of any project is maintaining the interest of investors and potential clients day by day.

    Keep the flame of curiosity, expectation, evolution, and speculation ALIVE.

    Some examples:

    Fractured Twitter account: last activity on 05/30/2020.

    Fractured YouTube account: last activity on 04/12/2019.

    Website (News): Last activity on 05/30/2020.

    There's no need to supply content that takes a long time to produce, create, and edit, which can be counterproductive for a small team.

    With today's technologies, small audiovisual content or textual lines can make a big difference when it comes to staying connected to the audience.

    Did they put a new workstation in the offices?

    Is there a development meeting?

    Were new conceptual arts created?

    Has any specific progress been made?

    What is a work day like at Dynamight?

    A couple of lines or a 5 minute video on a regular basis can make a big difference.

    Show yourself and give content to those who support the project to show it.



    @Chapex said in Feed the beast:

    ourself and give content to those who support the proj

    Yes, marketing would always be nice if they actually have the personnel for it. If not, I would like them focusing straight on coding like I think they are. Last I saw they were only a 6 (??) man team?? Maybe they will let a volunteer do some of that for them????



    I understand the limitations of a small team, that's why I mentioned the possibility of creating simple content that does not require long creation and editing times.

    A couple of lines of text, a short video with camera or cell phone in hand in a casual way but that maintains that recurring line of contact and allows them to be disseminated and replicated by the community on social media.

    I also prefer that the resources be invested in polishing the product and shaping it, but as I mentioned in another topic in this forum, development and advertising cannot be mutually exclusive.

    It is just an opinion and way of looking at it, of course they are the ones who have the last word and know what is best for the success of their product.

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