Solo mage - tips how to PVE in a world of Fractured MMO

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    PVE - He are couple of game footage with tips how to handle some monsters in Fractured when You are a mage. Enjoy 🙂

    Wisp rotation -

    Greater Erath Elemental -

    group of monsters -


    I think you can go a long way if you were to start explaining a bit what is going on as events incur in your videos. someone with little to no game-knowledge does not understand what is happening.


    @lyburnum - It's true that there's no narrator, but what there is to explain what's going on here (for folks familiar with this platform) is the hotkey spell deployment below the action - which, by the way, is a universal language 😉

    The spells used aren't high-level, but this mage definitely has some enchanted gear. Thanks @Laveilath, for all these clues. I'd missed the original post and with the upcoming test, they're freshly relevant. 🏆 👍

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