Which pack do I need to buy to play?

  • Which pack do I need to buy to play the game?

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    @Nihilosh This really depends on when do you want to play the game as different packs provide access to different testing phases. So the more expensive packs grant access to earlier tests. For example if you want to play in the very next test (alpha 2 test 3) that is scheduled you'll have to buy a legend pack or above. But if you just want to play the game on release and aren't intending on testing it before that, by all means go for the cheaper one.
    You can see all the currently available packs and what each one of them gets you on the Fractured store page right here: https://fracturedmmo.com/store/#pack

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    To play in the current playtest, you don't need to buy any pack. Just a registered account is good. This test got extended, so you have like 3 days to play right now.

    If you want to partake in any upcoming alpha tests, those are restricted to accounts with packages that grant alpha access (Legend or higher).

    I would recommend to just join in, see if you like the game and decide if you want to take part in future alpha tests.

  • Ok, thanks a lot.

    I am really interested in this kind of game and want to test it.

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    @Nihilosh Then just like Silynx suggested above, jump onm the opportunity and check the game out right now 😉

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