Why this game is not fun

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    @Shirax ... guy you ask developers to simplify the game? spent as much as 2 hours buying a house ... poor thing ... this is mmo your mother! this game for years! What is 2 hours from one year? this game is not for you, girls like you just spoil the right course of developers.
    And you know what a girl. you're a damn noob. because now, at this stage of the game, magicians are the strongest class!


    I did try game yesterday maybe 1-2h and today around 2h.
    Game feels right now much more limited than I did expect much walking around and I didn't feel much progression.

    Walking to mobs for 20min to get gold that would eventually lead possibility to claim house from location that I can only choose from already set possibilities seem not good goal enough to keep continue. And if I understood right getting new abilities is based on killing mobs too.

    There wasn't just enough reason to keep playing game when I know that time to play it is limited, early progression feel slow and able to see something new is behind running to random direction for several minutes and then just normal right clicking to enemy.

    For example I spend few minutes just trying to add logs to cart because of I was in placement mode. Completely clear for all players but someone like me who is trying game first time it was just annoyance that game suggest to go placement mode and then you can't add item to blueprint 😆

    I try to test game next time it is possible but for now I leave it aside. I am interested to see how it is then.


    guys ... what the hell is going on here
    stop the flaming and "noob bashing"
    if players dont know how core mechanics work either explain it or help the finding help in the forum

    like @Shirax found the beginners guide

    many mechanics in the game need further tooltips and explanations
    ofc this is a topic for coming tests

    the tutorial is just short (yeah we are still in alpha)

    @ZagZag the hell is wrong with you man? (yeah im calling you out)
    your behavior doesn't help the newbies and escpecially not the community/devs

    @Shirax if you need more help, just write me in Discord
    you can find me in the fractured discord server 😉

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    You do realize this is an ALPHA test. Meaning we're supposed to be testing the game and reporting bugs.


    Alright that's enough. Since this thread appears to be becoming nothing more than a game of "bash the OP" at this point, I'm going to lock it. 🔒

    Edit: If the OP wants this thread unlocked, PM me. 😉

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