Frenzy (you can learn by killing skeletons), a too strong skill which in attempts to change will be either useless or super useful. Leave one thing alone, either movement speed or attack speed, or simply remove from the game.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    Frenzy is not working as it should as per tooltip description. It should only add 1.5*COS attack speed and movement speed but seems to add way more attack speed than that, which is why I would assume it feels overpowered.

    You can track the updates on this bug here

    But I otherwise agree. As it is, this skill is way overpowered. I can kill anything without any other skill.


    I personally thought it worked fine compared to OP mages


    @BlueGoblin the fact is that this skill can be used by everyone. BUT, unlike wars among magicians, its use does not end with mana. And yes, magicians are the strongest

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I'm not sure I can follow you there @ZagZag. Frenzy is only useable by non magic users and cannot be used by everyone. If you mean that it is useful for everyone, I would agree. The movement speed alone right now is worth having it on an alternate setup to move to/from far away places, then switch back to your fighting preset. It does require 40 mana/second. So you cannot just keep it on, unless you have a mana regeneration of 40+, which most fighter types (unless built for the use of frenzy) probably won't have. This goes for the current alpha and would clearly change with the introduction of mana potions or such.

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