Permanent Stealth.

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    Literal game breaker.

    This HAS to go.

    Performed a test and players on top of other players are completely undetectable.

    There needs to be a constant mana drain or duration. favorite option, pull it out of the game entirely.

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    @Nekrage i am not sure if i can follow you.
    You think a stealth should not be possible in PVP, because the Player is not visible if some other player is behind?
    Well, i do not think it is neccessary to remove that, its the nature of a stealth, to be somehow hidden.
    My question is, is the player not targetable, when in Stealth?
    If yes, then there is no need to remove it, because you will be able to hit him, as soon you want to hit the person behind, since it is in front.
    In my opinion a nice skill that gives some interesting opportunities.
    Also you will not know, if there will be later on maybe a skill for detection of such player.
    A simple "It HAS to go" is in my opinion a bit harsh conclusion, since many other PVP games also have Stealth Skills and even with not visible characters, till you unhide them.

    The only thing, where i would go with you, if you would say: Stealth need to break, if you detect a player nearby with hitting him or through a skill. (Not sure, if this is already implemented or supposed to be so)

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    @Kralith Players can use it to initiate an attack and to escape. It's the strongest ability in the game, period.

    Stealth that relies on a player's ability to be stealth such as in bushes is quite different. An ability with PERMANENT stealth is literally game breaking. You can camp players in houses and just wait for them to leave.

    It needs to go.

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    Another option would be to make Shadow Walk 6 Memory to really impact a player's build. Having it only cost 6 memory is a joke and everyone with a brain is using it.


    The chance to 'detect' a hidden player needs to either have a few more avenues with either abilities that detect stealth or if you can AoE an area and it reveals a player.

    I think back to Ultima Online and how Detect Hidden skill worked, if you didn't have it, you could always cast the spell Reveal. If you had neither, you had to move on or wait the player hiding out... If the hidden player did not have Stealth, they literally could not move anywhere, so the player who was chasing the now hidden character knew exactly where that hidden player was. A bit of cat vs mouse scenario, highly enjoyable

    How it's currently implemented, it favors the stealthed player more as very few players will have the proper attribute points to reveal them (when in range) and the stealthed player can move freely. Maybe chance stealth to, If standing still, they are hidden unless revealed... If they are moving, the required attribute to detect them in reduced.

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