As a new player with 6 hours, this game gets pretty boring really fast. The tedious amount of endless running to find an "optimal" place to settle is beyond playable. Unless your willing to click for an endless amount of hours to get from point A to B, then you're going to have to use macros to autorun. Moreover, there's a huge lack of mobs around the entire map, like every 10 minutes you run into 1 wolf or 1 spider. It feels void of any life, only collectable plants, but there's a weight limit and you're unable to find a good place to settle because it's all taken, so you cant even pick those up.

    Make it less of a running simulator
    Increase spawn areas/spawn rates of mobs in the open space
    Change the housing system, maybe a decay of some sorts, because there are too many half-built abandoned houses that no one can access, or increase the number of buildable places near hotspots.

    I hope some changes will be made towards these points before game launches.
    Wish the Dev team the best.


    Hi @Guaca,

    From your feedback I guess you are new also to the forum and did not took a look in all the discussion and other player feedback for the current and other alpha testings.
    Well, just to save you a bit of time, all the points you indicated will be gradually be covered in the future developments phases.

    For the Alpha 2 - Test 3 coming in June they plan to deploy player cities which will considerably populate the maps and created many points of interest.

    The bestiary is not complete, constructions decaying will be coming in the future iterations of player cities and constructions, and many more things.

    All that said, don't worry they are just in alpha testing, there is still more than one year worth of development. In the mean time, you may want to go on and read all the Design Journals at least. Maybe watch some of the Q&A streams, etc.


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