[A2.2.1] Building with Friends! - funny but weird "non ending" Pathfinding


    Yesterday @Shivashanti , @ANC2018 and me was building a big house.
    When we was building the Foundation Floor, @Shivashanti and me was clicking at the same time to drop the wood logs. Then the weird Pathfinding started.
    Our characters was walking same time to the building point (middle of the floor) and the Pathfinding started to struggle.
    It took maybe two minutes, where our characters tried to find the path to the point where they can drop the Logs, but always one of us was blocking this point.
    Characters was walking a bit uncoordinated (back and forward) till they started just to circle around each other.
    This took also a good while, till Shiva got a small time frame to place the log.

    I just could catch the last seconds.
    But you see here this circling around the other (that took a good minute).
    Shiva and me did not clicked again or moved out, we just leaved it to our characters to find the path and end it by themself. Shiva ported away, after he could place his log otherwise i would maybe circle around him till the end of the world 😄
    The last seconds i could catch is not very representive about the whole pathfinding thing, Shiva also walked, till he found at first the space in the middle, where my character just circled around his character... but before, he walked like mine.

    alt text


    LOL! it's the Caster Dance!

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