Clicking Login does nothing

  • Quick question. So I was able to login and even got into the character creation screen but my OBS blue screened my computer (a common bug I've been having) but now when I reopen the game, I input my login information and hit login but nothing happens. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling about 5 times as well as restarting my computer, any possible help would be greatly appreciated I would love to test out this amazing looking game!

  • And for further clarification, I don't receive an error message, clicking the "Login" button just does nothing but make a noise.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Percyus

    please go in this folder:

    Users\YourUser\AppData\LocalLow\Dynamight Studios Srl\Fractured

    ...then send send me your Player.log file after trying to log in and failing. Please don't copy-paste it in this thread, send it to or copy paste it to and drop the link here, thanks!

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