Cannot select cart inside partially built house.

  • I set my cart inside the house foundation full of stones during the second "wall phase" of the house. Now that the floor blueprint is visible it blocks my cart and I cannot select it.


    The same happened to me, except i parked my cart inside my semi built house before i logged off... and someone else finished building my house... so i couldn't do anything with my cart except delete it.


    I also parked a new cart i built afterwards next to my house, and after unequipping it, i couldnt equip it again because i was probably 2 pixels too close to the house for the character to move into the hyper specific equip location... can the devs, if any see these posts, please make the carts unequip and have the equip location in the exact spot your character is, not like 1 in game metre ahead of where your character was stading. Collision is a pain in the arse.

  • @Severian Happened to me as well. Not much consolation but if you fully complete the house it should pop back above the floor again.

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