Crafting auto-combine

  • I'm sure it's on the list somewhere, but can we please please pretty please add some priority to a one button "combine all" crafting option for "in inventory" crafts, where a recipe will repeat until ingredients are no longer available? I like to prepare ahead for expeditions by creating lots of bandages, herbal remedies, poisons, etc etc, whatever I might need on a trip to stash away for future use. These crafts require dozens if not hundreds of mouse clicks, and I usually just quit the game afterward because my hands hurt so much. "Don't do it all at once, kitty". It's still hundreds upon hundreds of mouse clicks in a game that's already heavy with it

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. If we can't get it bumped up the list a bit, how about some reassurance that it IS "on the list", something to look forward to in the future? Thank you


    Nothing I hate more than having to spend tedious time combining items in the inventory, moving things around and repetitious actions. Wholeheartedly agree with quality of life options in the game.


    I would also go so far as to add macros into the game that allow you to do repeat crafting. People are going to be employing third party programs to do these things. Why not just make it part of the game.

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