[Alpha2-1]Hotkeys in Combination with ENTER found, because i missed to open chat before writing.


    When i tested today chat behaviour to reproduce the invisible chat input, i figured some more weird actings.
    I was writing in chatline random senseless things.
    When i was missing the enter key, for sure the skills was activated if i hit their Hotkey, but also there was some menus that applied.

    Per example, if i hitted a sequence of a-s-Enter, i opened the button for the chatsource, wrote "as" in the chat and next sequence i closed it again.
    I figured it is because a+Enter is a Hotkey for Opening/Closing the Chatmenu.

    I also got the Skill Preset bar opened and closed again if i press d+Enter.

    But in general i think that Enter should not get used for any Hotkey Combination, since it is used for the chat.

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