Skills and Ability tooltip errors or inconsistencies

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    There was some feedback posted in Alpha 1 regarding these, I've just compiled a list of all current tooltip issues that I've found in-game now. The big thing I noticed is there are only 33 skills and the game says there are 40+ you can get from foes. I'm assuming this includes the overlapping where you can get the same skill from multiple creatures.

    Warcry: "You create a fearsome battle cry in a cone front of you." should be " a cone in front of you."
    Concussive Strike: Two lines of text get jumbled together between "...then re-applied over 4 seconds as ????? within 4 seconds stack up..."
    Slow: Another two lines are jumbled between "...5 meters from the target. ????? Resist the effect of this spell..."
    Magic Missiles: "Fire a barrage of magical projectiles aimet at a target creature." Should be "aimed at a target creature."
    Tectonic Outburst: "...seismic black that deals Crush damage and is stuns the victims." should be "...and it stuns..."
    Cobweb: Inconsistency - it shows the Cobweb Radius in the tooltip with a unique line, all other skills and abilities have this in the description and NOT in the tooltip.
    Totem of Wildfire: The first two lines appear jumbled together: "????? Totem enjoys bonus Fire damage..."
    Projection from Fire: The tooltip (not counting the description) may have used the same tooltip as Mage Armor. They both say Armor: 50+INT*INT, Magic Resistance: [5+INT]%, 20 cooldown, and 300 mana.

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