[Alpha2.1.1b] Einhar's Bug Report #1

  • 1.Client Problem:
    After i get DC due the promlems on my provider's side, ill got this(screen)
    Logout Button didn't work, nothing happen, character missed.


    • Black Widow's channeling ability (Magic Missiles) dosn't interrupted afted death of caster (maybe stun didn't work too)



    • whrite something in to the chat window
    • copy any text from browser or document with empty "Enter-string" and past it after our text in chat window
    • try to delite empty space
    • https://prnt.sc/q44nhl


    • click on any filter in Inventory Crafting Window
    • close window and open it again
    • the "selection" would be on that filter which we use last time, but we'll see all items in the list
    • https://prnt.sc/q44nyh


    7.UI_Minimap artefact:

    8.UI_Incorrect Endurance Regen Value:

    • Character creation window, while i set STR to 7 i've got "8,400001/S" endurance regen value
    • https://prnt.sc/q44oyj

  • =======UPD=======

    9. Character movement controller problem:

    It should be hard to explain with my level of English, but i'll try:

    As i right understad, our character's movements happen by the simple "point to point" system. I mean when i click to the surface my cursor create "a point" and my character move to it. And when i press and hold LMB, my cursor create a point every time in a certain period of time while i hold the LMB, right?

    Movement while LMB is holded:
    The moving of character looking very intermitten and stepwise. I maked a short video where 1st half i moving with holding LMB and a 2d half when i click only once. Best of all to see it, go through the river.

    This system also generate a problems like when the movement of our character is interrupted while the cursor intersects with interactive objects like trees, stones, etc.

    Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a9lwCWBs37IA6Ek8pmzT-v_vhsI98RQY

  • =======UPD=======
    10. UI HUD Endurance and Life attributes are confused with each other
    I didn't found this bug before in our bug-list, btw its makes me wonder when i saw thats my Life numeric value is less that i see in Creation window.

    That's the last update for this report, next time i'll make another topic.

    PS: It was also nice if moderators say which form of bug reporting is better. Update or Topic spam.


    You getting that one wrong, the green bar IS your endurance and the red one hp, beside that we don't have the final system of it yet nor the skills that use hp for skills beside second wind

  • @Shivashanti

    Sounds weird....just because the value of HP in all games it's maxumum amount of hits wich u can get before you get down. Also the amount thats show to us how long we can fight before getting tired and could get a rest at campfire is more looks like "endurance".

    idk why do you want to change this basics but its just make users confused.
    PS: a very subjective opinion of alpha tester.

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