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                                                           82nd Dread Korps Siege Regiment
                                                     Semi-Serious - Large -  Everyone is welcome

    The 82nd Dread Korps Siege Regiment is a group based on Warhammer 40Ks Death Korps of Krieg (If you don't know about the lore that is no problem!). We have a highly organized chain of command with a semi-serious demeanor regarding our gameplay during operations.

    We currently consist of over five hundred members and are actively looking to expand into Fractured and many other games in the future. We currently only have one major game called "foxhole" however we play several dozen other games casually, like Eve Online.

    In fractured we will be made up entirely of Humans for the time being. However, if we are provided the option we will definitely allow the addition of mixed races. We will be a mixed, combat and industrial guild of a very militaristic and imperial manner forging a great empire and many colonies around the globe, via diplomatic and military means. We will support all play styles.

    We will be expanding to Fractured at the earliest possible time.


    • Maturity. We joke around in discord and what not, however, make sure to be mature.

    • Be friendly.

    • Have an open mind.

    • Be in our discord.

    • Be able to follow orders, we do utilize a chain of command.

    • Must be able to speak English.

    • Must not be in any other clan that plays the same games as the 82nd. We are to be your only clan for all games we play.


    We heavily encourage forum activity, and in discord, however, real life comes first so granted you warn us prior to an extended leave you won't be removed for inactivity.

    Everyone is welcome to join us, granted that you fulfill the requirements. We have a short one to two week trial period post application in which officer evaluate who you are as a person rather than your skill. We believe that we cannot change a person but we can teach a person, so if you lack skill but have a great attitude you'll be happily accepted and taken into our large family.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/sP8xYbr
    Website: Coming soon™
    Foundation guild page: https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/409/

    If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me here or via discord.

    The Emperor Protects,
    Numquam retro, Numquam dedite.


    Very excited to expand into this game!


    ^ agree. I'm excited to try this game as well.

    (this is Der Kommissar)


    @johnhazatoth great to hear.


    Is this still alive? Discord invite is expired.

  • Should be interesting, I used to play Albion Online but the ping to their servers was 250+, hoping that Fractured has something for the OCE scene.


    Buena propuesta, los equipos fundados como este son aquellos que de verdad dan vida a un juego


    The discord link isnt working, this could be due to the link not being marked permanent which is an option when creating it in discord.

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