Patch Log - v.a.2.1.0d

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Minor Changes

    • Some tweaks applied to the login server + more detailed logging for login procedures added to the client. We hope we'll be able to put an end to connectivity issues soon.
    • Spider Lich added to Deadwood biomes.
    • Number of kills required to complete Wolf and Bear knowledge reduced from 30 to 20.
    • Wolf and Bear abilities are now learned earlier in their knowledge progress.
    • Bear's second ability is now Bash instead of Heavy Blow.

    Bug Fixes

    • Navigation paths for players and monsters are now computed correctly. No more walking on cliffs and mountains 😉
    • Fixed a pretty terrible bug that allowed duping items placing a stack from the inventory on top of a stack in a chest.
    • Removed "giant holes" in the Vale of Shadows. Side note: the Vale is not implemented yet, just a regular grassland biome!
    • Restored missing rivers and lakes.
    • Net Trap and Woodland Wisp outlines fixed.
    • The VFX of Entangling Web is visible again.

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