Weapon slots bugged.



    I started this game with the Assassin class or what the name is, can't remember (the most bottom one) and I can't change my weapon. I have populated two weapon slots from the right with Dagger weapons and the most left one is the fist mode, but the two with daggers appear to be empty completely. I can't change those Daggers to other weapons at all nor use poisons on those items. I've only managed to do a magic trick where the poison disappears without the poison effect.

    It would be pretty nice to try out other weapons like Axe for example or to be able to dip the weapon in poison to be able to kill things faster. I have no idea how this bug was generated, but someone on the chat said that maybe it is a hardcore mode that I somehow enabled?

    Looking forward to your reply,


  • I have a similar issue with my assassin, i cannot see my weapons. I can "TAB" through the so i know they are there but cannot see them

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in version a212

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