Fractured Content Pills - Week 43, 2019

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    @Kralith said in Fractured Content Pills - Week 43, 2019:

    Well yes, at least on costs of a strong Thieve Debuffs of different kind for each planet.
    If the ownership of an cart is fixed, then a stealing skill should make it able at least to take things from the Cart.

    @Prometheus said in Fractured Content Pills - Week 43, 2019:

    ... and only the one who crafted it can use it

    There is also something else to think about.
    If you do cooperative work in a town, it could be very annoying, if you can't use the cart of a friend.

    ^. @Prometheus We need something to ensure that we can share access in some way, if possible. Even if it's just a choice of cart crafting types. For example, a cart could be made with the same recipe, and just a symbol or cloth color over a side or corner... in the following variants as a suggestion:

    -Personal cart. Works as described.
    -Organization cart (town and/or guild types). Works as described for everyone in the organization.
    -Free cart. Works for everyone. For example, players might keep some basic food around a work site for a joint effort between two towns, and having everyone have access would be more beneficial than the risk of the cart wandering off.

    The benefit of this on your end is in game performance going forward. Instead of three dozen people all needing their own cart to work on a project in a town, you could have a handful of carts for all that work. It isn't game breaking, but it does have benefits on both sides to do something for this, and the differences are fairly minor at that point... so that hopefully it's not making it a huge project on you guys!


    Looks good! 🙂

    Hmm does unconscious human body also fit in the cart... to be taken to eh... some dark place 😄


    Zima ci sei anche tu nel progetto!!!???

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