What is your Favorite Anime and Manga?

  • My favourite anime is overlord and My favourite manga is hadacamera. I read hadacamera manga [all chapters] online - yomanga. This is one of the best anime and manga.
    What is your Favorite Anime and Manga?


    Oh boy ... this is a hard question. For me there can never be a real answer, for the moment I could tell you that of the 2019 summer films what I liked most is "ARIFURETA SHOKUGYOU DE SEKAI SAIKYOU"
    speaks of a boy who like always finds himself in a parallel ultra fantasy world , he is practically betrayed and thrown into the deep levels of a dungeon by his allies and practically between pain and suffering becomes stronger in a strange way something like by eating the dungeo ... finds a loli vampire imprisoned for centuries and yeah its cool.
    but if we want to talk about the most beautiful animes I've ever seen then surely Overlord / Yu Yu Hakusho / keroro / Zatch bell / high school DXD / SAO only the first and second series though / Katekiyo hitman roborn / Motto to love / Tensei shitara slime datta ken / and many more! But if we want to give the podium to someone then just wait for ONE PIECE also DB z / gt / s (it loses a little point only because sometimes it ends) + Naruto / shippuden / (loses points couse of cough cough Boruto cough cough). Boruto havent actually satisfayed me yet!
    And talking about Manga ... im not actually a big fan but i think the best one i have is somnia


    My favourite anime is easy to say... Konosuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) ! 🙂


    @lan96512 definitely best anime for me is hunter X hunter...

    Have enjoyed the anime based on mmorpgs like log horizon, no game no life and sword art online..

    Best old school anime movie... Ninja scroll!!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Berserk and Psycho Pass I guess.

    Don't read or watch much of either medium.


    I personally don't read the mangas anymore. I switched to light novels and these are my top 3

    1. It is wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon...... just awesome
    2. Arifureta from commonplace to world strongest
    3. How a realistic Hero rebuild the Kingdom

    I really encourage you guys to try some LN since they are further ahead of most Animes 😁

    For my best Anime of all time I would go with Xam'd: Lost Memories


    @LilCassiopeia I definitely agree with you on Dungeon ni Deai and Arifureta, but I haven't read the third one so I will add it to my list to read, so thanks there for bringing it up 😉

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