Crafting & Other Idea's.


    Crafting Ideas.

    I do hope the concept of "Ingots" is in game. I know Ultima online had it but it does make alot of sense. Ingots, waste, left over ore smelted into ingots. Stacks of them.. gold, iron, so forth.

    I also hope "Horse Barding" is available in game as well.. craftable..

    "Whistles" to summon your pet would be a nice feature.

    a Neat Demon Idea: If demons can open portals at certain times.. then make it so they can also open portals given certain 'ritualistic' ideas or moments.. let me explain.

    The demons convince someone mortal/human/whatever to offer themselves to the demons.. then the demons take the human and put him into a evil demonic pentagram.. then blood sacrifice him.. which then allows the opening of a portal to another world/realm. Then make it so that character who was sacrificed cannot log onto that character for like 72 hours. Most of us are going to have 9 characters per account but putting such a restriction on this ability also to me makes sense/it costs a player access.

    Expansions: Later down the road.. i'd like to see it where you can add a 'basement' to your houses/castles/whatever. Most games don't have this feature so it would be new / unique but also quite good. Most of us would use the basement for our crafting stations or torture dens or whatever.

    Arch Mage Telescopic tower: A placeable tower somewhere in town.. and when you climb to the top of it and look out of the scope you can see 'alot' of the world at a distance.. this would also be good in pvp warfare to warn of incoming enemies.

    Pillaging: Give the owners of a house or farm the 'option' of setting their own farms and houses on fire as they leave/depart in order to prevent raiders from pillaging their farms and houses and getting their loot. I think this would be a nice option.

    Custom color/dye tubs which also automatically put guild crests on the cloaks/capes would be cool.

    Animal Sacrifices for Demon characters in their crafting recipes.

    OoOohh... Neat Idea... Demon Soul Possession ability... prevents the demon from using his character but allows him like 2 minutes of full control over another players character... that's a neat idea I think.

    Beastmen Mutation Trees: Water Breathing Mutation, Climbing Skills Enhance to pass over 'impassable' terrain for most players, a 3rd arm option for combat strikes. More ideas can be thought of but there's some for beastmen.

    I hope some of you folks at least get a chuckle out of some of this but some of it would actually be nice to see in game maybe in a future expansion after this game launches. I'm a big fan of the basement add on idea for houses myself.

    Cheers Folks.



    Some cool ideas there. My favorites are the option of farmers/homeowners to scuttle their property to deny pillagers and raiders their prize and the demonic ritual angle.

    Maybe even a "possession" mechanic that allows demons to assume human form or briefly take control of a player's human account? It would have to be extremely complex and difficult to maintain, of course.

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