Python vs Node.Js

  • Hello Seniors, Can anyone help me out to explain the exact difference of both them? I have already go through some sites but I can't understand exactly. Anyone here explains to me this.

  • @amitjoshi

    Then nobody might be able to help you at all.
    If you checked multiple pages and were not able to understand the difference between Python and JavaScript, the end is nigh.


    I feel like internet has failed youbolded text

  • Hi Amit,

    As this is not a forum where you need to ask this question but still I will help you through you can understand about the Python or Node.js.

    • Node.js is best for asynchronous programming while python is not for the best option for asynchronous programming.

    • Node.js is pure javascript based while python is the best languages where developers need to write lesser code.

    • Node.js lacks the clean coding standards while python is best/ideal for large projects, it can be done using PHP code.

    • Node.js is the best platform to deal with real-time web applications while python is not ideal for dealing with real-time web applications.

    • Node.js is best suited for small projects to enable functionality while python is for large projects.

    • Node.js utilizes JavaScript interpreter while Python using PyPy as Interpreter.
      Candidates who want to deep understanding between Python vs Node.js Can read the blog post.

  • Node.js is cool . Engine v8 is very very good

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