Guild Announcement


    Hey there fellow adventurers and welcome to the first notice of the legendary RGT Guild!

    As Master of the Royal Guard of Tormyr ( and only crewmember, for now 😂 ) I am pleased to annouce that every soul is welcome to pledge it's loyalty before this ancient alliance as long as they vow to bring honor and hardwork to the cause.

    Come and join if you have the courage!
    We'll wait for the launch of Fractured together!


    Hi Mytsai,

    I would like to join your guild. Be honored you will have an aristocrat in your guild. 🎩
    I find your guild name kind of creative maybe we can talk about lore to the history of the name and so on would be nice.
    You can write me a pm.
    See you soon. 😉


  • I will join you guys!

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