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    Hail, merry traveler of the Fractured world of Elysium! What better place there is to let time fly until it's right for you to grab your sword or stave an lead the way to new adventure, then a tavern with the best of ale? My secret ale recipe is bound to untangle your tongue and bring forth your stories of great adventure, you plans for fortune and fame, or your quarrels with the petty. Many a fist has been fractured hitting my sturdy tables in the heat of tales of legend; or smashed against the lutes of unseasoned bards claiming virtues they where unworthy of. But such is life in the tavern. Where merry lasses and lads alike, must back their word with brawl. First tankard of ale's on me for each! Cheers!

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    raise his beer mug a little doesn't hurt ! Santé, as we say in french !


    @esher Welcome, friend! The Fractured Fist Tavern serves only the very best of ale and your tale is important to us! Oh well, to me... for the time being, but i'm certain this will soon change. So, Esher; though must have many tales from the land of wine, cheese and lavish courtesans. Care to share?


    @darian said in The Fractured Fist Tavern:

    world of Elysium

    I hope Fractured will have only 1 official Global Server at all, or reginal Server US / EU / ASIA no privat Servers please !


    @maxer1293 Welcome, traveler! I'm afraid the only "serve"er here is me. And I only serve ale. The very best in all of Elysium. Here! Have your first on the house! I only ask for a good story in return. One that would raise your reputation in these lands!

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    @darian Haha, I don't know if demon's stories are the best things to hear (and french ones are really boring ^^ ). I hope you accept all kinds of customers, it will be so bad for you if you don't accept us...

    @maxer1293 less RP, as Prometheus said, yes, there will be only one big server for everybody ^^


    @esher Daemons, Beastmen, merry men, sour men, all have stories, all have coin. As long as they have a taste for good ale, all are welcome. Eventually they will brawl among themselves, but such is life at the Tavern!

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    @darian In fact ! I'll think if I can find some history I can tell. And don't worry for brawls, I prefer watch than participate.


    Hello there sir, I am not that much of an ale drinker myself but the bard tales keep me tipsy. I will just crawl near the fire and listen for a while, maybe even sing a couple of mine if that's okay. Give a round on me, these coins worth less the more they stay in my pockets.


    @deity I bow before your noble gesture! Most certainly worthy of thy name, kind mistress. All hail Miss Deity, friends! For it is in her name we raise these tankards. As for you, milady, perhaps a dry red wine from my private collection will numb your thirst for blood and unlock the secrets hiding behind your lips, and you will bless us with one of your songs!


    At last, the altar lays before his eyes.
    Tall, menacing a runic armor stands beside
    with arms resting on mighty cross guard
    of flamberged obsidian greatsword.

    The runes are old... unknown to him,
    and dreadfull chills make resolve thin
    as he steps forth with fading grin.
    Whispers... envelop from within.

    He grabs the hilt, ready to swing,
    He prays for Galvano' s blessing
    And steps inside the skull ring
    as crystal shines and voices sing
    ... of life soon ending.

    Loud cracks and scratches fill the room.
    The armor gains emerald gloom
    and with no care for why? or whom?
    it swings to doom!

    He dashes backwards with despair
    as flamberged greatsword cuts the air
    leaving behind a blazing trail
    with roar, that makes the soul feel frail.

    Halfswording, he steps in, plain,
    to block the swing and thrust for gain.
    His plan, was sound in his own mind
    yet his blade shattered in the bind!

    As edge and cuirass loudly grind
    he staggers heavily behind.
    A burst of rage! floods soul and mind...
    Of fury! hero becomes blind.

    "How can this be?! O, great Galvanos!
    I wear your crest against Tartaros!
    I champion Your name through chaos!
    I cannot fall! For I am pious!

    Yet you've abandoned me in dire!?
    This cannot be! I am no squire!
    I am a champion with fire!
    A knight! with glory and desire!"

    He pulled his rondel dagger fast
    and lunged forth in a breath... his last!
    He fell scorched true by flaming blast.
    His story, is one of the past...

    Behold! Dear friends, the wretched story
    of He, who lusted for great glory...
    For arrogance 's greatest of sins
    And Galvanos withdraws his wings,
    'cause shallow faith will stray the path
    away from righteous, into dark!

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    Damn, we hava a real poet here ! applause How long did it take you to write it ? With all of those rhymes, it might be hard !


    @esher Dunno, about 20 minutes... oh sorry... A lifetime, fair friend! Shadowing the knight, watching his every move, consciously writing down every dramatic detail until his story finally unfolded. And that was the easy part. For once you have a story, you must pray for inspiration. Then cherry pick the most exquisite of words to shape your song. And once it's done, you must travel to the shrines of all the gods of Elysium and ask for approval. Unless you wish to face their wrath if the song is out and they don't find it to their liking. Therefore I prey thee, cherish the work of bards and spare no coin before their excellence. Ney, do more! Praise the brilliance of their performance wherever your travels take your soul!

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    Hek, seems a little bit...awkward for me. I don't really have the spirit of a bard, so, I'm not really...receptive at all of this kind of things. Bards demons are rare, we prefer be the heroes than to be the tellers.


    Looks like the tavern is empty... I guess i need a new ale recipe. Or perhaps a famous bard will stir things up a notch. What do you people think?

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    come from under a table
    I'm always here, I don't have much to do this days, I'm just wandering. But I agree with your propositions, more there is activities we can do, more it could attract people

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    Lith walk along a road when she hear some rumours that came out of a closed door. She hold her ears up to get some more of the whispering noises. Maybe she should open the door to take a look inside?

    To herself: What will happen, when there are dangerous creatures inside? Dad would grumble with me.

    While she is standing outside and thinking about the consequences the door is opened by a horde of young beastmen who laugh and talk all across to each other.

    They seems not caring about her, just turn to the left and walk away. But the door is still open and Lith can see inside the Tavern, still not decided, if she should go inside.


    @kralith welcome my dear! What fate brings you into our humble establishment? Lith, am I right? Certainly you will find comfort by the fire! I will be right back with ale of the sorts you've only dreamed of, and a boar stake to tackle the traveler's hunger! Draw your breath, and then, bless us with your story, if you will.


    @esher ... oh my dear friend,
    As time goes by and stories blend
    The ale get's high into my head
    and I ... well I tend to forget
    that you've been close, since we first met.
    Indeed, a rather intriguing pamphlet
    to find a friendship establishment
    with Deamonkin, instead of blood shed!

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    Haha, will you never stop with your poetry ? And I'm not a huge fan of blood shed. I'm not violent, until you say something disagreeable to me, but you'll die quickly.

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