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    Is there any news about the game as far as the loss of IOS and Unity? Does this stop the game dev? The reason for asking is all I can find is the news that the devs put out about it. I would like to get into the pledge packs, I had just found out about this game a few weeks ago and keep seem to find out much on it. And 300 bucks is a lot to put into a dead game that can't work out all of the components. I don't mean this in a bad way the game concept looks awesome, and I hope to see it soon succeed.


    @Gavin47 Hello and welcome. Well you can read the whole article about the conclusion of Unity vs Improbable (SpatialOS) here https://fracturedmmo.com/state-game-2-2018-alpha-1-unity/
    Long story short Unity have withdrawn from their initial assault on 3rd parties reverting the changes and just making slight adjustments that have literally zero impact on those using Improbable services.

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    @Gavin47 The issue was resolved a month ago with Unity backing down and giving SpatialOS their license back. The devs are still working hard on Fractured and we invited a new wave of pre-alpha testers last week.

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