MMO industry veteran Bill Roper has departed SpatialOS company Improbable

    Just found this article about improbable. Tought not everyone remember what happend recently between unity and improbable. Lets wish is not the beggining of the dark and something not collegated..
    Anyone know the whats happening between epic\tencets\eu4 and improbable tought?


    I guess thats the most important quote of it:’s that Roper wants to go back to actually making games instead of being “two steps removed from making something.”
    “I’m always happiest when I am actually designing. The moments of greatest joy recently are when I am actively advising studios,” he told VB. “The opportunity to actually make a great game is something I have been missing and craving.”

    And "recent Improbable spat with Unity had nothing to do with his move." fits this sense.

    What you point with "epic\tencets\eu4 and improbable"? @00

    Edit: Btw. the comments under the article are quite interesting. This guys splits sides 😄

  • @Kralith i was refering about the millions they put on the plate to help developers converting their games from unity to ue4. Is that thing sailed or? i didnt checked in a while and tought someone maybe did.

    I played London:Hellgate and was a really cool game, the father or PoE but with more deep with first person shot mechanics if i remember correctly. It was really innovative.

    I was meaning that after the turbolence unity\improbable(spatalios) for me a change in the vertices smell a bit and not in the right direction but is just a speculation\fear.

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