Hello! My short introduction, first thoughts and hopes.


    Hello everyone!

    I've been looking for an upcoming MMO games for last couple of months and just today I have discovered Fractured. It's been almost two hours now of me reading all the Spotlight articles as well as watching currently available footage. So far, I must say, it all got me really interested. Somehow I find the website and articles really pleasant- it feels inviting and... humane, perhaps? What I mean by that is the Spotlight informations were helpful and clear, lots of things were explained in simple, understandable sentences without too much of your usual PR bs. I also liked the fact that so far it seems like Devs are transparent and admit that creating a good MMO game takes time as well as they seem not to give too many false promises when it comes to release dates, content available during the upcoming Alpha phases and so on. I particularly liked the article about servers and how they re-evaluated what they had in mind before the community responded. Speaking of which, it seems like so far they've actually been pretty transparent about things which is sweet.

    I do like what I've seen so far when it comes to the game's content itself. The main idea, some background lore and all that- I like it. And, since I love wolves- you can pretty much guess which race I'm gonna pick!

    Bit about me... I'm Mark, I live in Poland, I'm 27 and I was a semi-competetive player in SMITE. Pretty much in love with multiplayer games more than singleplayer ones (with few exceptions such as Skyrim).

    I think I am going with Alpha 1 Knight Pledge Pack even though it's pretty costly considering Poland's economics and wages 😄

    I really hope that the game turns out to be good and becomes a place with a great community!


    @tinypaws Hello new friend, you might need this (info).


    @muker Thanks for the useful info! Also, already bought the Knight Pledge Pack! ^^


    Hello! Welcome!


    Hello TinyPaws!


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