Kingdoms and Royalties

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    ilike your sytem of settlemnts. its a village then town then city them megapolis. this system was taken from such game as AOC. but there is another games called COE where there are kingdoms and this system can work very godd for your game as well. Kingdom system is in people genes and they pay thousands of dollars just to get king or lord title. We shouldnt charge the same but my point is thast more broad system then just a governore would make everybody even happier.

    how we can do it? there can be a free cyties like originaly in your game but there can be a kingdoms. in a megapolis there is a king. lords obey to king. dukes live in cities. dukes obey to lords, dukes live in towns and counts who live in viliges obey to dukes. every building in the world can belong to kingdom or free city.

    kingdom and guild is two different things. kingdom is a state ruler. but guild is a private ruler. it like in real life. we have system of state and private companies. state chosen by people and represent will of people pravate is represent will of pravate individuals. so you know its like always fight between privtae and common and you can use this mechanic in your game.

    all taxes from villas towns cities goes to megapolis to kings account, then king deside in what city he want to invest this money. either he want to develop small towns or maybe he want to improve capital more and make it even bigger.

    there also should be organisations if you wanna use kingdome system. for example organisation of secret service like assasins and thieves. cos you are king and you cant create a guild since guild is private organisation so there should be state organisations like a police or state trading organisation. they can be subsadized by king and controled by lords and dukes.

    im not sure wha is your system buy i ve read that you said there wont be a magical bank accounts. i think its a good idea. we have to stop this stupid system when you have like a bank account and you can keep you money there. i think we should have money as an item. yes an item and it should have its own waight. if you wanna send money to some one you actually have to bring those money with you and give them. this will create a lots of pvp content cos kingdoms will have to transport money constantly with money caravans what will attract bandints and evil players.

    also money can be created by the kingdom. every kingdome has its own currency. its can be trade on market as well depending on economy of some particular kingdom.

    also its stupid when we have system where 1 silver coin cost 100 copper and one golden coin cost 100 silver. in the end you have like a million goold 20 silver and 5 copper. its idiotism. gold silver and copper can be trade like a currencies (on market) and thats what makes price of every single coin.

    so there is a lot of copper in the world a a very few of gold so gold will cost more expencive. but not every kingdome can produce golden coins. on defoult every kingdom can create a copper coins but only chosen kingdom can produse golden coin. this right can be captured if kingdome one conqure kingdom 2 (who had golden coing right) and then like in real life there will be an economic and real wars. wars of currencies. silver and gold coing printing rights are limited and those who only get copper coins vwll be a vassal of those who have golden coins BUT ONLY if golden coin kingdom has a very good economy.

    lets say im kingdom 1 who has only copper coins and i visite kingdom 2 who has golden coins and they have a veeery jucy sword. to buy it i have to exchange my copper for gold and i have to go to market and buy gold for copper. so if many people will do that then price for gold will raise. (if nobody buys a gold then price is low) in this case kingdom 2 collected a lots of copper coins so now they can buy stuff from kingdom 1 cos they sell for copper cos its their currency. Of cource it will all depend of metal availability but since this civilazation is only for humans we can make like deamons planet is full of gold and beasts planet is full of silver so this will create an ineraction between realms.

    currency of every kingdom is different, for example its can be a silver coins of k1 and silver coins of k2 they are sold for different price on a market because they belong to different kingdom which has different economy.

    so there are my thoughts. i can update you on those lets make a realy democracy.


    king can give people loans also he can give loans to private banks. king cannot give loans to private banks for interest rate which equal to his interest rate he gives in his own bank. interest rate in his own bank must be 1.5-2 time higher then he give it to private banks.

    why we need this? its needs for pravate banks to operate. cos if interest rat will be the same then there is no point for pravate banks to be in business. cos there is no profit. if interst rate is doubled for king then pravate banks can make % same as in kings bank and still make a profit.

    only human race can do such stuff.

    alt text

    this is aproximate amount of metall that money are created from spread on planets. so you know how it may look like

    alt text

    or maybe this one would be more accurate. so that copper wont become human exlusive and almost same elite as gold.
    even there is a different % still amount is different. lets say there is all together 10 gold 50 silver and 100 copper that means that deamons will have 10 gold beastmen 5 gold humans 0 gold. deamons will have 25 silver beasts 50 silver humans 25 silver deamons will have 0 copper beasts 50 copper and humans 100 copper.

    you may ask, why people should use gold instead of copper? price could be just 200 coper instead of 1 gold. yes you are right. there is no point to use gold BUT (!!!!) only if you dont have a right to print your own golden coins yes maybe i can print copper and you can print copper we are very happy already BUT once i got right to print my own golden coins and my economy skyrocketing growing then i can tell to everyone - OK now i dont care for your copper.

    NOW i trade only for golden coins i print myself!!!!! do you wanna that juicy sword??? right, then sell some shit to me to get my gold and then buy my sword. and a price i buy your shit for I set up by myself. its all depends how badly do you need my jucy sword. you want it very much? then give me like 1000 of wood. you dont really need this sword? then please give me at least 200 wood and you can have it.

    thats how economy and trAading works. i really hope to see something like this in your wonderfull game.

    also some Gods can only accept Gold for their prayer maybe beast gods only accept gold (deamons have it) and evil gods only accept silver (beast have it) and human gods accept both silver and gold. so its all will be like connections between realms and fight also for pretiouse metals. anyway ALL GODS love GOLD. So everyone will have to attack deamons for gold (YOU WANTED PVPV? HERE YOU GO)


    if you are agricultural tycoon you can create an private agricultural bank. your agri buisness is supporting your banking business. state banks will give you loans and you will re-sell those loans to people and make money. your bank is actually like an item store insted the items are money. people do have an accounts but you have a one big common account with money on it. say you have 1 000 000 gold coins and you have desided to invest 500 000 gold in your agricultural business. You expect to make money out of it but this 500k is money of your customers. so if all costomers will come and demand all their money in cash you will probably have a problems. if you wont be able to pay people will destroy your bank and they will be able to loot everything from your bank. its not a 1kk of course but ate least its a half. but if you succeed then you may offer people higher % of income if they will keep money at your bank.

    State bank is purly need to manage a kingdom, pay sallary to arrmy and so on. and sell loans to private banks. it also collects tax and also provide bank accounts for other kings since there are no magic bank accounts all money stays in city trading deal has occured. so mayne naighbour kingdome bough 10k of your golden coins, whey must keep them somewhere dont they? its cant be private accounts cos you cant trust nobody so every kingdom has their accounts in other kingdoms state banks.

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