Negare infinitum malum (Angel guild)

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hi guys, I am definitely going to be playing this one and keen to start a guild with like minded gamers who are avid arpg/mmo fans like myself...

    In particular the demon to angel character change appeals to me, so my first toon will most likely be aiming for this. And with it being a difficult change to make I want to create a guild that will help those who want to make the change... and band together after.

    The guild name is Latin for "Deny infinite evil" giving name to what the demons in this guild want to achieve. Once more information regarding the changes that happen once you change are released and about the requirements and game in general I will expand the premise of the guild. different branches of the guild for the different demon races possible places to have the guild occupy.

    Anyone keen to join can see the guild here lets band together!
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