Custom Contributions?


    I noticed the custom items in the more advanced founder's packs, many of them seemingly letting one buy a piece of lore/original position in the game's universe. Kind of Sydensia, Tyrant of Tartaros, your iconography being spread around, your name instantly important in context of story and the like.
    I was wondering, if a player in-game earned their way to prestige or significance, might there be a possibility of someone new being allowed to submit custom imagery, or to earn a lofty title and position?
    Not to mention, what if a player, for whatever reason, stopped playing? Would that role of King/Soul/Tyrant be forever held by a missing person?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @vinnile there was an example with starting with a town - you might lose that town (so you lose the title) but your statue will stay there forever 🙂

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