An intersting insight on Indie Develepoment

    Not saying im promoting all the parts, but at least is a video that can make some process in our mind move!
    @Prometheus you might have a look, if you have some remaining time after shopping all the new 👕 🕵

    An intersting quote from youtube comments, i know its hard to find something good usualy, but:
    I know I'm a very small minority, but I just want a new MMO that I can just live in. One that isn't all about killing this or that boss. It's fine to go kill a boss from time to time, but that shouldn't be the focus of the game. The focus of the game should be to live in the world that is there.

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    Ohh Superzero! I think you point a very good thing here.
    The video put some very interesting questions on the table.
    And your quote is just amazing.
    Could be my words 🙂


    It is amazing how few games aim for a WORLD. They are all about the combat, and the world is just a thin backdrop that is easily lost in the action.

    Which is fine at times, of course, but it loses a lot of what makes MMOs so potentially special, imo!

    I'm not so sure this person is as much a minority as they believe. It just is something that doesn't get as easy of investment firm approval, thus it would be far more difficult to finance the venture.


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