From Bandits to Questing Knights, come one come all!


    Hey guys, I'm relatively new here, but it won't stop my ambition, I've been looking for a nice crafting and economy system for a while and I may have found a nice gem here, so, to the point.

    I'm starting a Crafting guild and was wondering whether anyone would be interested in joining my association!
    If you want to join, come on in!
    If you're starting a town, I have nowhere to set up as of yet, so, I'd love a place for a nice guild hall.

    If you have any questions, ask away!
    Thank you for reading and considering, and have a nice day!

    Edit: I forgot to add that due to this being a crafting guild, we are open to blacksmiths, enchanters, alchemists, builders and even adventurers who are willing to protect some caravans from Bandits, Demons and other nasty creatures, or if you want to sign a contract, and be a mercenary, that could work as well, payment could be equipment or money.


    Sounds intriguing.
    If you're going to be a guild of that sort, why not have a guild town?
    Just curious.


    @starcrossedvoid I guess the idea of running an entire town would be tedious and not necessarily fruitful when running a business, so, joining another town, I'd be able to get stuff to a larger market than just having a guild run town that isn't garunteed success.


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