Racial Affinities

  • @Prometheus I asked this question in the chat of the Races Q&A but you seemed confused by the question probably because I worded it poorly.

    In the Q&A, you said liches had an affinity for necromancy and abjuration. In the races spotlight, it says that infernals have an affinity for fire skills, vampires "excel at mental abilities and blood magic", and nightmares are "naturally proficient in the use of traps and poisons."

    What do these affinities actually mean? Do these races just learn these types of skills faster? Do they start with skills from those categories? When they use those skills are they stronger or cheaper?

    Side question: Also in the Q&A you said evolved races have differences in the talent tree. Do all the races and subraces have talent differences or is that unique to evolved races?

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