I think this game has a huge potential


    I have played a lot of MMORPG. I have seen all kinds of genres, settings, lore, and communities. What I am going to say might not be a surprise for you, but I think that this game has HUGE potential to sky-rocket in the future.

    The reason I think this way is mostly because of the devs. They provide us with Q&A streams almost every day and they are always in touch with a community even though the game is not out yet.

    And I also like the way the game itself is presented. I like the lore, gameplay mechanics, and this new knowledge mechanic. I think devs are going the right way, however, my advice for them is to keep listening to the community feedback, even if it seems that your ideas are perfect. People like me, who played a lot of MMORPGs have spent a lot of days and sleepless nights to explore every inch of many games to see all their flaws. And it would be kinda nice for devs to listen to those people's advice.

    Its all I wanted to say. I wish best of luck to the developers of FRACTURED and I can't wait to play it.


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    Yeah exploration and newness are great drivers. I hate doing the same thing two days in a row gets so boring. If it's gathering or crafting that is a bit different but like daily quests to kill 10 of the same thing oh no.


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