Are there some sort of trading system or just merchant sell and buy?


    @codetsilon In the game you can leave the goods at the NPC in town and it will sell , or to do it manually

    @prometheus said in "Extra-planetary" travels? Interesting!:

    @Lethality you're guessing right! Not only each planet, but also each region within a planet, has its own unique distribution of resources. Since there is no global banking and no global marketplace / auction house, it's up to the players to physically move resources around. Travels between planets are possible - we're talking magical means here, not sci-fi - but how easily they can be performed depends on your race, from the planet you're in, and from the destination. This is one of the first things we'll be covering in our upcoming dev journals so stay tuned!

    @Rofus there are only 3 main planets, but there will be other regions in space you'll be able to visit: asteroids passing through the solar system! They'll be suitable for experienced players and one of the main stages for large-scale guild battles 😉

    @prometheus said in A Delicate Question: Slavery:

    That's a very interesting question you have here, @Fyrsey. NPC "slavery" is not a planned feature as of today.

    NPCs will play a big role in Fractured - guilds will be able to attract them to their villages / towns, where they can settle and start their own businesses. They'll have proper names, be more or less skilled in different activities and - to an extent - have different personalities.

    Reducing all of this to "slavery" (à la Conan Exiles) would downplay the whole system a lot 😉

    @prometheus said in Guild settlements:

    @Benseine you can found a city or conquer it with your guild. We're going to cover this in detail soon in one of the upcoming Feature Spotlights - but some info have already been listed here. To reply the other questions:

    • Yes, marketplaces are local.
    • Guild quests are not planned as of today.
    • You can start settlements only at fixed locations - the development of the city is totally free though. Housing not connected to guild settlements is also free.

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