Town Planning Section Rules

  • DymStudios - CEO

    This forum section has been created to give Fractured players a place to promote their future town or team up with other people to fund one - disregarding whether that's connected to a guild or not.

    A few rules apply here in addition to the standard Fractured Forum Rules, as listed below:

    • You are only allowed to open a thread for your town or for yourself if you are looking for one.
    • This section is just for town planning, not for politics and competition.
    • Adding to the previous point and more generally speaking, don't post replies to recruitment threads unless you want to receive more information on the town.
    • If you have a guild, we invite you to actually create the guild in The Foundation and add the link to its page to your recruitment thread. You don't have to do it, but it makes things much easier!

    Threads and posts that break the rules outlined above will be removed. Posts in a recruitment thread might also be removed following a request from OP.

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