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  • One thing that always draws me mostly into any video games (especially MMO's) are animations and the cosmetic look of items you'll gain by playing the game and grinding through like armors, weapons, etc. I hope with fractured we'll be able to earn cool weapons and armor without having to buy through an in-game shop with real money. The armor's in games like runescape are great because you don't need to buy them with real money, you can just grind for them and I'm totally fine with that. In some MMO's like Black Desert Online in particular, level 1 through 50 basically looks the same. For me this is very discouraging because I feel like I haven't made any progress what so ever. If the DEV team reads this, please consider my suggestions.

    Thanks 🙂


    i would imagine the better looking cosmetics will be from the cash shop, it's how DS earns an income outside of the box sale.

    it would be great to have cosmetics hidden much like the Knowledge system is setup. I've learned through Destiny 2 that cash shop only items are horrible design and it never made me want to do things after I've done them once.

  • @jetah I totally agree. DS will need income, but again if we look at RuneScape, they have a cash shop too (Solomons General Shop) that gives you some high level stuff like different animations and some high grade cosmetics. But the high level armors that you can earn in-game without the cash shop that actually give gameplay stats look amazing too. It would be great to just look at a player without checking his level or skills and by what he's wearing you can tell that "This guy's been playing for a while, he's a veteran". It's also a great motivator for new players.


    @vladdaddy Thing with RuneScape is that it has too much MTX stuff. As a result, MTX became a huge focus, which shifted the gameplay by a lot. Instead of updating and adding content, more was focused on stuff to help Jagex make money.


    I like how the legendaries work in GW2. They are statwise not any different than the highest craftable items, but you need to do a series of collections in order to obtain one and usually cost quite a bit of resources. But you get really cool looking weapons and armor as a reward.
    Would be nice to see something like that in Fractured too. Some hidden side quest or something.
    Probably best to have it as a "wardrobe" unlock. Would be a pain to get killed and lose your legendary stuff.

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